Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Top SEO Tactics to Stay Relevant

Google have passed through many changes, as we see. And in terms of these changes, it’s vital to keep up-to-dated in order to save or even increase the rankings of your site. The rules of the game have changed, and you should know and use them in order to make your site even more popular. SEO is not dead, it had changed, and here are some of the tactics that work in terms of these changes and can boost the rankings of you site.

1.    Social Media Matters. It’s definitely one of the main factors to influence the search results. The more likes, shares and re-tweets the post has, the higher it’ll be displayed in search results. It’s really impossible to get higher ranked for the content that is not shared socially.

2.    A new word in authorship. There’s something more about Google authorship than your headshot near the post title. It has become a major ranking factor, too, so it’s necessary to claim your authorship. Thus, Google will know where else your content can be found.

3.    Go mobile. The reports show that 40% of internet time is spent via mobile devices, and this percent will continue to grow. So, successful site promotion becomes impossible without proper mobile optimization. The neat thing is to make your layout simple and not overloaded with excessive content. Think about developing proper mobile apps. For the commercial mobile sites, you can do the following: add local stores promotions and driving directions, promotinal links, social media shares etc.

4.    Optimize the content with the working SEO tactics
a.    short and unique page titles
b.    adding description tags
c.    optimized site structure (links, page numbers, etc.)
d.    formatted text (unique content, subheadings, paragraphs, links, lists etc.)
e.    optimized images
f.     using nofollow links and many others.

5.    No more fake link building. Now you’ll have to be more careful with the links. Black hat link-building now tends to be seen as spam, and can damage your rankings significantly. Networking is the new era of link building, so concentrate your efforts on creating quality content and sharing it with others.

6.    Install the sitemap. It’s a key to getting your content indexed fast. The sitemap allows the search engines to find your content and index it successfully.

7.   Anchor text. Recently, there was a popular tactics to match anchor text to backlinks. Now Google sees this as unnatural links and identifies it as a way for manipulating the rankings. The best tactics, in contrary, is to diversify the anchor text and make the links look as natural as possible. 

There’s a long list of actions which can get your site ranked higher. The only thing I’d like to add is don’t experiment with black hat SEO tactics! Even if you gain success at the beginning, you can end up totally blocked!

About the author: Paul Smith is a skilled writer. He enjoys creating guest posts about business, new technology, social media and lifestyle. You can write Paul at Google+ or ask essay from him

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