Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Rise of the Fake Follower

There are remarkably few people that do not have a social network profile on one of the many platforms. I use both Twitter and Facebook regularly, and enjoy the banter and friendships that have been forms over the years. However, more people than ever before are choosing to set up a fake profile, and I often wonder why they do this, and what they gain. I was surprised to discover that the number of fake profiles on these social media sites is high and growing every day. The numbers are difficult to calculate; however, we should never underestimate the numbers of fake profiles that are being set up and used daily. Facebook has admitted in the past that there are over eighty million profiles that are likely to be fake.

That figure is staggering, and I often wonder why these sites do not clamp down on the fake profiles, and what the people using them gain from pretending to be someone else. However, I also thought about how fake followers can help small businesses, and many of these do buy twitter followers. Whether this is ethical can always be debated, but does it seriously hurt anyone having these fake followers.

Creating a whole alter ego for social networking sites can be fun, but time consuming, which is why I wonder why people bother. I understand that removing yourself from reality can be fun, and everyone wants to be seen as someone different. Life can be incredibly tedious, which is why some of these fake profiles are created.

If the fake profiles and followers are used as a tool I can understand why more people are deciding to use these for their own gain.But I do not agree with these profiles being used to hurt or abuse anyone, which is a line that you need to think about. There are numerous websites that you can use if you want to receive more followers to your page or business.
These are designed to help boost your followers, and make it seem that you have far more than you actually do. People will think that you are a massive success, and want to be part of the buzz, which is why so many people are choosing this path. One of the top websites to use is which enables you to buy followers, and help your site.

The cost to purchase fake followers is low, which is why so many people choose this option rather than months, or possibly years of gaining genuine followers. Online marketing can be complicated, and when you need to build a customer base, you may want results fast. We all know how vital social media is to our businesses, which is why buying followers is not seen as a bad thing.

Followers can help every business, and I know that I wanted to have as many as possible, to make me feel respected. I had never considered buying followers, why would I as I considered my account to be fascinating. But not everyone does, which is why the option to buy followers was affordable, convenient and didn’t make me feel guilty. If like me you love those silent pats on the back when the stuff you post gets shared and liked, you will want more followers.As a business,  we can get away with calling it branding, but a personal account is harder to explain. There are remarkably few people though that does not receive some form of delight when their posts are retweeted and shared.

I have noticed that people with a huge amount of followers does cause attention, and will also show promise and potential. I soon realised that even fake followers were recognised as a benefit and that it was an area that was becoming more popular. I considered whether buying fake followers was simply promoting a fake profile and building a lie. But I don’t consider it to be this at all, and the followers that I purchase are there to help and promote my account. As more real users see that the numbers are growing on my account, they soon joined in the fun, and this was encouraging. I wanted credibility for what I was writing, and this was the best way to go about this, in the quickest time. Earning followers may seem like a good way to spend your time, but it can be draining.

I found that I had to be constantly sharing, and tweeting,which can be time consuming and I have other things to do during the day. This is how I found that buying the followers was far easier, and cut out a massive proportion of effort and work that was needed. I begun to research options and discovered that for around $5,  I could gain followers instantly.
Once you begin to understand how the process of buying followers works, it does become easier as I soon discovered. The followers are in fact Google bots, so know how to make the most of their task, and ensure that people follow your stuff. I had to learn that there was no interaction with my new followers, and I felt a little odd that my new friends were robots.

I also considered if the fact that they were robots, was simply an empty number and that they would bring me no long term gain. It was all for show, and these robots were designed to make me look popular, nothing else. I also realised that the fake followers were causing problems with recording the true numbers of followers on social media sites. Some of the sites that offer to sell you followers are scams, which is why I spent a long time researching all of my options. I did not want to pay for something that would never happen, as this was something that I could not afford. After much thought and debate I looked at every scenario, and came to the conclusion that if I wasn’t hurting anyone, and it was my money then what was the harm in having fake followers.

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Effects of Google Hummingbird

Google, the computer program giant has been changing into additional advancements with the release of their latest algorithms usually to keep up their commonplace of giving quality data to the user queries.

Yesterday, within the interiors of reported , Mr. Amit Singhal, the senior Vice President of Google Search India, exclaimed that the new rule is now out with the name of HummingBird  whereby this HummingBird would affect ninety per cent of worldwide searches through Google. And significantly, he mentioned that this algorithm has been a month old but it began to show its affects now in present scenario.

What is the necessity of HummingBird Algorithm:

The internet usage has been increasing at a rapid pace wherever maintaining the standard has been a drag for all. Thus Google is attempting to stay on top with quality search results even in this time of boosting searches. They implement several computer program algorithms which might scatter the wants of users in quality and standardical means. With the increase in difficult queries, Google came out of this all with ancient structures like used by mathematicians to search or the keyword-based model which can decide the connected word from queries and provides the user data. However currently it's been deteriorating as we've several data on constant keywords and now this idea is additionally withdrawn because the keyword might have completely different that means on every search by user wherever the twin incidence rate is high.

Eventually, the new rule “Hummingbird” can work on the match that means for the queries escalated by the user within the web with its utmost effort question match with same that means with the standard.

Effects and Affects of HummingBird bird Algorithm:

The web has grown exponentially, wherever everybody depends thereon for everything. The devices has created it comfy for United States to induce in any data on the go while not negative ease.

As it has been aforesaid, this rule has been wordlessly redesigned within the computer program for the past one month to understand the result of it for obtaining the correct data for the employment question.

This formula has been initiated attributable to the high search demand of advanced queries from net surfers. So underneath the management of HummingBird rule, Google aims to alternate the search dramatically by editing the indexed websites just like the same as that was done 3 years back within the name of Alkaloid. This may eventually have an impact on the traffic of the websites and Google authorities estimate that around ninetieth of the search requests are going to be analyzed properly before throwing out the connected data for the user question. Thus indirectly this HummingBird rule would reshuffle the  Google’s search rankings.

Added also, attributable to the discharge of latest HummingBird rule, the value of the Google ads also will dive up to the ads that are tied to go looking requests. If you've got needed to rank your web site by giving a commercial to Google for a keyword, then currently you must be able to pay a value over ever for ranking it on computer program. However doing it thus, you'll get quality customers , as this ad are going to be denote up just for the high finish matched keyword question by the user. As you'd have best-known by grasp by currently, that HummingBird rule's main motive is to offer Google’s computer program a understanding conception for a stronger grasp.

Tips to Recover and shield from being attacked by HummingBird bird Algorithm:

The complexness of queries has been inflated wherever the folks rather than checking out few words associated with their question than currently by posting the full drawn-out queries within the search box for obtaining the appropriate data related to it. Additionally adding thereto, the new technology naming the Voice Search by the Google has additionally inflated the complexness because the people have began to submit the search request as a sentence that is spoken in day to day life that is comparable to a voice communication that is {again|once additional} a length search creating Google more robust to offer them the correct data. Thus these made Google to return out with the new update of formula known as the HummingBird rule to create the search additional wide-ranging with a aim of matching the question of the users.

Tips to Recover your Traffic from HummingBird bird rule:

1. Take down all the low quality contents and associate to write original and top quality articles which provides additional data on the subject covering all aspects associated with the subject.
2. Build top quality and relevant backlinks from trusty sources.
3. Stop Keyword Stuffing, instead write contents and in the main titles in keeping with the drawn-out search by users.
4. Get scores of Social Signals


So being a typical man, we tend to can’t do something as off currently for the arrival of this rule.   Be happy that a minimum of currently we tend to found the rationale of traffic drop that was happening to several people within the recent days with none information. Google needs themselves to be  smarter in commonplace and quality by serving the simplest for the net surfers  and other site owners to offer commonplace and quality contents supported the user rummage around for ranking your articles and site to drive traffic for it.

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Best Android Smartphones 2013

There were a lot of smartphones launched previously in the year 2013. If you are planning to add a new smartphone to your collection there might be a confusion which handset to choose from. You get to choose from different features from different smartphones. Today I am going to tell you some smartphones which are the best of the year 2013 till now in the android niche.


The first smartphone which makes to our list is HTC One. HTC one is one of the best android flagship devices available out there in the market. It is also one of my favorite android mobilephones which I wish to buy. HTC One comes with 1.7 GHz quad core processor which gives you the best performance in class with the addition of 2GB RAM. The sleek and sexy body of the HTC One adds a touchup to the smartphone and makes it look incredibly beautiful. HTC One comes with a 4MP camera which I think I less but the HTC developers said that the pixels which HTC One’s camera delivers is Ultra Pixels which deliver much better quality then the cameras of other smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy s4


Samsung Galaxy s4 is the latest smartphone added by Samsung in the Galaxy series. Galaxy s4 is the successor to the Galaxy s3 smartphone which created a huge success. Samsung Galaxy s4 comes with 1.6 Ghz quad core processor and comes with 2 GB Ram which makes it possible to play all your favorite games and applications. The 5-inch SUPER AMOLED screen provides you a great view to look upon. Samsung Galaxy s4 comes with Android v4.2.2 but sooner the new Galaxy s4 handsets will come with Android v4.3 loaded in it. Galaxy s4 comes with memory options of 16, 32 and 64 GB and even after this if you are short on memory you can add an external memory card up-to of 64 GB. Samsung Galaxy s4 comes with a 13 MP camera which helps you capture all your favorite moments and also make 1080 P HD videos very easily.

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z is the latest smartphone launched by Sony. In my personal opinion I think this is the only best smartphone which is launched by Sony in the past. Xperia Z comes with a 1.5 GHz processor which is good for smooth running of all your applications. Xperia Z comes with Android v4.1.2 but it is also upgradable to Android v 4.2.2. Xperia Z features a massive 13.1 MP camera which delivers the best picture quality in its class. Some of the best features which I like about the Xperia Z is that it is dustproof, waterproof and shockproof smartphone which I think are pretty good additions and have also brought a lot of people’s attention. Xperia Z comes with a 16 GB internal memory and 2 GB RAM. It comes with a 2300 mAh battery which I think is enough for an entire day operations.

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