Friday, 22 November 2013

Best Plugins for Wordpress

Your website is your new house. Nobody will argue with you that as this house has walls and a roof it is possible to live here. Still when the house has electricity, if it is well equipped and highly secured – then you will feel better living in it and you won’t be ashamed to have guests there. Plugins for Wordpress are charged with making your house as comfortable as possible.

But having a lot of Plugins is not always good. And here our main question appears: which exactly Plugins are useful and needed. How to choose best options out of thousands possible offers?

Thinking of search systems

1.    General optimization of the website. All in One SEO Pack  is one of the most important and required Plugins for Wordpress. It serves for optimization of your blog in search systems. Well-formed meta tags title, description and keywords raise the value of your website for search work.

2.    Image optimization. SEO Friendly Images  is a Pluging for optimization of images which  helps to add attributes alt and title to images on your website.

3.    Website map for search systems. Google xml sitemaps will help search systems Google, Yahoo, Bing and to index the website. This Plugin allows you to see the whole structure of the website, it supports all kinds of WordPress pages and user’s URL-addresses. It also informs all most popular search systems  that you have posted new article.  

Thinking of visitors

1.    Retweet in Social Networks. Plugin TweetMeme Button creates on the webpage fantastic button Tweetmeme which allows our readers to select content which they have preferred most of all, at the same time they can put cross-reference on their account in Twitter. Faсebook Share (New) Button performs the same function but for Facebook users.

2.    Button Share. Social Share Buttons is made for Social Networks. This Plugin allows users to put “LIKE” in different Social Networks.

3.    Top-comments. Plugin Top Commentators Widget allows to add to the side board a raking list of people who have commented articles on your website. Why to do that? First of all it shows which articles are interesting for your readers. This Plugin also helps to make people visit your webpage again. 

Thinking of safety

1.    Antispam. War against Spam is made by AntispamBee. This Plugin searches and destroys Spam, it includes statistics and noticing.

2.    Copyright protection. RSS Footer  is a very simple Plugin. It helps you to add additional line at the end or in the beginning of your article.

3.    Optimization of data activity. WP optimize is a simple but very affective Plugin which erases database of your Wordpress and optimize its work. It also erases copies of articles.

Thinking of income

1.    Subscription information at the end of every article. Thanks to Plugin  Post Layout you will have an opportunity to control your post. You can put subscription information at the end of every article and put codes for the advertising block anywhere in the post..

2.    Advertising at the side board. Plugin WP125 shows advertising block at the widget side board. Unostentatious advertising will help you to earn extra money for developing your small business.

We hope that this article can help you to choose the most useful and basic Plugins for successful improvements in your internet activity.

About the author: Paul Smith is an experienced writer on such topics as internet marketing, blogging and business. You are welcome to check his works at quality essay writing and Google+.

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